The sextant is a precision instrument used in navigation since the XVIIIth century to locate the latitude of a certain place measuring the angle of elevation of a celestial object above the horizon.

The sextant is an essential instrument to set a course.

Since this instrument to be used properly requires, for its peculiarity, precision and ability, this estate where the Tommasi Viticoltori started their history has been called “IL SESTANTE”, for the devotion, the great care and the uttermost attention to quality dedicated to it.

IL SESTANTE” estate today includes the historical 8 hectares on Monte Masua hill, in the Valpolicella Classica area, and the 7 hectares of the “San Martino”vineyard, on lake Garda. Out of these property only three wines are produced:

The “SESTANTE” brand wines guarantee experience, tradition,passion and quality.