Ripasso method

Tommasi Ripasso Method is the unique result of refermenting TOMMASI Valpolicella Classico Superiore on the warm grape skins from which TOMMASI Amarone has been fermented.

This process, used only in rare vintage years, imparts richness, character and personality of a great wine to an already superior wine.
“Ripasso” method is a technique that is done by the “re-passing” of the Valpolicella wine on the dried grape skins of Amarone, still warm and rich in sugar. The Valpolicella remains in contact with the pomace of Amarone for 10/12 days; during this period, a second alcoholic fermentation occurs.
Ripasso method gives to Valpolicella wine a better structure and a lower acidity, it is more rounded and it is suitable for aging in barrels for 18 months.